Vy Commodore Power Window Wiring Diagram

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Advanced Vy Commodore Power Window Wiring Diagram VE Commodore Calais, Electric Mirrors – High Series With Heated

Advanced Vy Commodore Power Window Wiring Diagram VE Commodore Calais, Electric Mirrors – High Series With Heated

VE Commodore Calais, Electric Mirrors – High Series With heated - The passengers aspect reflect became now not working, good enough no signs and symptoms of obvious damage, and no direction characteristic at all, commonly a consumer will say it wont paintings on one axis, and so on. So considering what the difficulty could be an how to interrupt it down i come up with the following;. For the reason that the replicate had alerts from the transfer which changed into established with the tech2 electricity and floor circuits checked, thinking i had a defective replicate, a quick ring to the wreckers to find that the calais mirror is uncommon, we then eliminated the door trim from the drivers side and swapped the mirrors over to find a quite weird locating, the drivers reflect became now operating at the passengers facet of the car, the passengers reflect that was plugged in to the drivers facet nevertheless did now not function. This showed that the replicate was coded on a serial bus kind community. During plugging in and feature a terrific go searching via the reminiscence seat module and body module to test for the faults which there has been none, i decided that either the transfer that manipulate left to right became faulty there was a phase in live records to check this and whilst operated the feature become running in step with the tech2 – scan tool, this indicates the door trim will should come of and check for electricity and so on. The door trim became eliminated and mirror had five wires, checked the wires for energy 12v and an excellent ground i additionally located a 6-7 volt wire within the center, wondering that the wires consisted of power, ground and the heater circuit, i couldn’t determine the break up up of the five wires, so i checked a wiring diagram and discovered the following,.

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As car come into our workshop its continually an opportunity to have the ability to test out a gadget with the genuine scan device inclusive of the tech2. Under body structures there is is some strains that allow you to take a look at the live statistics of the centre console switch, that is super to test the function of the transfer.

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