Lambretta Wiring Diagram

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Advanced Lambretta Wiring Diagram Casatronic Ignition Lambretta Wiring Diagrams (English Version)

Advanced Lambretta Wiring Diagram Casatronic Ignition Lambretta Wiring Diagrams (English Version)

Advanced lambretta wiring diagram - This statistics and the snap shots included are furnished from the 'instructions for restore stores' for these models posted in 1963. It is intended for informational purposes and we might advise searching for professional recommendation before challenge something described within the workshop segment. - over the switch - an orange flasher indicator mild. - To the left of the switch - a pink ignition caution light. (This need to light up while engine remains and key is inside the predominant switch, or with engine idling, it have to go out when car is running). - To the right of the transfer - a inexperienced parking warning mild. In addition through a rectifier it charges the battery (6 v two hundred ah), which while the switch is in position 2, feeds the rear wide variety plate bulb and the metropolis light bulb inside the headlamp. It also feeds independently to the position of the switch, the horn, the 'flasher unit and the stop mild ( this being the 6 v - 20 w filament of the dual 6 v - three/20 w bulb). The electric circuit is fed by way of a flywheel magneto of forty w power, which resources current to the h.T. Coil for engine ignition and with the manipulate switch at 3, feeds the facet parking lighting (6 v 1.5 w), the rear variety plate bulb (the 6 v - 3w filament of the twin 6 v - 3/20w bulb), the speedo bulb and the headlamp bulb. The regulator-rectifier group is fixed to the left hand cabin upright over the battery. A fifteen a fuse contained in the rectifier group protects the charging circuit. At the hinged dashboard panel, round the primary switch three warning lights are outfitted:.

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  lambretta gp200 indian with indicators lambretta gp200 italian with 6-pole magneto lambretta li125/150 collection iii with four-pole magneto lambretta li125/150 series ii with battery lambretta li125/one hundred fifty collection i without battery lambretta servetta li125/a hundred and fifty/jet 2 hundred with battery and indicators. The cable (grey) from the rectifier group consists of cutting-edge to the primary transfer (positioned at the left hand facet of the instrument panel), for feeding all of the circuits related or dependent on the switch, whilst via a fuse, offers cutting-edge direct to the hydraulic brake forestall light transfer and horn. Those are the only circuits no longer connected to the primary transfer.

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